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Partnering with you to innovate sustainable education solutions.

The experts at Verite Educational Services (VES) help organizations develop customized and sustainable solutions, informed by evidence-based education strategies, technological innovations, and advanced data analytics.

Our Services


VES partners with you to build high-impact solutions driven by powerful data analysis and cutting-edge technology. Our team of experts will help you:

  • Increase collaboration and communication
  • Connect various stakeholders
  • Streamline processes and make them easy for everyone to use
  • Integrate technology-enabled learning
  • Enhance data collection and analysis
  • Reimagine and visualize data using analytical dashboards for decision-making
  • Secure all systems on and off-site
  • Focus on doing the work you love instead of looking for the tools you need to do it

Our clients include pre-K-12 public, private, and charter schools; colleges and universities; nonprofit and private organizations; and state and local government entities.

Our team of expert consultants will help you meet the unique challenges of your organization with services including:

  • Needs assessment and program evaluation
  • Short- and long-term strategic planning
  • Data dashboards and visualizations
  • Technical assistance and professional development
  • Instructional design
  • Grant writing

  • Data systems integration
  • Database development and management
  • Expert, IT consulting support
  • Custom analytics tools
  • Customized software and mobile app development
  • Cloud computing and cybersecurity management

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About VES

Verite Educational Services (VES) is a subsidiary of Verite Group Inc. We are an education and technology consulting company that builds collaborative partnerships with constituents. We have supported states/schools, federal government missions, and private sector enterprises for more than 20 years.


VES innovates sustainable education solutions.


At VES, we uniquely blend our education, advanced analysis, and technology expertise to provide agile solutions that enable organizations to focus on their mission.

We commit to working closely with you through the completion of your project and setting you up for successful and ongoing cycles of improvement. We will help you:

  • 1

    Analyze the problem you want to solve in collaboration with researchers and practitioners.

  • 2

    Engage your stakeholders.

  • 3

    Develop solutions informed by evidence, data, and technological innovations.

  • 4

    Assess solutions through cycles of testing and refinement, seeking feedback from your team.

  • 5

    Reflect to ensure continuous quality improvement.

  • 6

    Continuously enhance solution implementation.

Strategic Pillars

Customer Focused

Our partners come first. We respond to the changing and ongoing needs of our partners and ensure satisfaction throughout the process.

Equitable and Inclusive Approach

We engage all communities who will be impacted by our work and use data-driven decision-making to propose solutions.

Innovative Solutions

We use research-based sustainable solutions to provide a faster way of testing proven and promising approaches. Our goal is to be agile and focused on continuous quality improvement.

Intentional Collaboration

We work intentionally and collaboratively with our partners to understand their mission, priorities, operations, and challenges to identify the key requirements that define their path to success.

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Our Team

Staff have strong educational expertise and technical prowess with a deep understanding of our customers and their operations.

George Dotterer

CEO and Co-founder

Keith Carpenter

Executive Vice President and Co-founder

Dr. Margareth Legaspi

Chief Education Strategy Officer

Erin Kupferberg

Senior Education Strategy Officer

Dr. Hella Bel Hadj Amor

Senior Grants and Research Officer

Seth Taylor

Senior Data Analyst

Kari Brandt

Program Manager, Special Initiatives

Veronica Singh

Project Coordinator

Technology Team

Most Recent Partners

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